Gabriel Dawe

As someone who sews a lot, Gutermann thread is something I am intimately familiar with, but I’ve never seen it used the way that Gabriel Dawe does.

His ‘plexus’ series  installations are made entirely out of coloured sewing thread strung up into amazing spectrums of colour which look like some kind of optics experiment. Amazing stuff! Don’t even want to think about the man-hours that went into these.

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2 Responses to Gabriel Dawe

  1. dressupforme says:

    This looks amaizing! I wish this was just sort of a coloured laser beam that you could walk through and a different colour would be a different sound! Imagine that!

    This was a delight for a tired eye! Thanks for sharing,

  2. jcrump1101 says:

    This is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it

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