I’ve recently finished watching a short Japanese drama series called ‘Osen’. The plot revolves around the staff of a traditional-style restaurant in Kyoto. Apart from the fact that it is a great show story-wise, I found myself watching it largely because Aoi Yu’s character, Handa Sen (the restaurant’s okami) spends every episode wearing the most beautiful kimono!
Sen’s sense of style (and kimono collection) is pretty fabulous, so I thought I’d share it with you~


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The Selby

I felt that I wanted to feature one of my all time favourite websites today, just in case some of you haven’t discovered this treasure of the internet yet!

The Selby, run by photographer and all around whiz kid Todd Selby, showcases photos of the homes and personal spaces of various creative individuals – from fashion designers to artists, illustrators, chefs, actors, writers and many more.
I absolutely love being able to see into the lives of these amazing people, and I’m constantly green with envy over their beautifully individualised houses and apartments.

Looking for decorating inspiration? This website is paradise.

Below areĀ  random sampling of some photos I’ve loved, (I’ve chosen ones with people in them here, but about 80% of the photos for each shoot are just AMAZING interior decoration eyefood, totally worth spending a few hours trawling through the website’s archive!)

Artists Peter Curnow and Gavin Brown, Melbourne:

Interior designer Abigail Ahern, London:

Vintage store owner Charlotte Rust, Auckland:

Fashion designer Anthony Malat and photographer Jamie Isaia, Brooklyn:

Creative director Herve Pierre, New York:

Hairdresser/ artist Gerald de Cock, New York:

Fashion designer Cindy Greene, New York:

Artist Ryder Robinson, New York:

Entrepreneur Cindy Gallup, New York:

Artist Annakim Violette, Los Angeles:

Artist Fergus and designer Caroline Smithson, London:

Costume designer Daniela Kamiloitis, New York:

Fashion store owner Baby Mary, Tokyo:

Artist Hunt Slonem, New York:


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Ashkan Honarvar

Saw one of the works by this long-time favourite artist of mine on my tumblr dash, and realise I’d never made a post about his work here!

Ashkan Honarvar is a mixed media collage artist, which is rare these days! People who think collage belongs in primary school classrooms can give themselves a wakeup call with these amazing works. His website http://www.ashkanhonarvar.com/

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Gabriel Dawe

As someone who sews a lot, Gutermann thread is something I am intimately familiar with, but I’ve never seen it used the way that Gabriel Dawe does.

His ‘plexus’ seriesĀ  installations are made entirely out of coloured sewing thread strung up into amazing spectrums of colour which look like some kind of optics experiment. Amazing stuff! Don’t even want to think about the man-hours that went into these.

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Illustrations by Laphet

I just LOVE the way this woman draws. Her characters are flawlessly beautiful, and eerie because of it. Innocent girls with flowers mix with vampires, princes and other alluring folk in her marvelous gallery. http://blog.naver.com/laphet

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Master Class

Vogue UK, September 2011,
Photographer: Mario Testino.
Styling: Lucinda Chambers.

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Celluloid Couture

Bazaar Singapore, November 2011.
Photographer: Gan
Model: Inna P.

Normally, if you say the words “bright yellow wig” to me, I might throw up a little, but this editorial manages to make it work. With all the blues, it’s pretty damn fabulous!

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