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I’ve recently finished watching a short Japanese drama series called ‘Osen’. The plot revolves around the staff of a traditional-style restaurant in Kyoto. Apart from the fact that it is a great show story-wise, I found myself watching it largely … Continue reading

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The Selby

I felt that I wanted to feature one of my all time favourite websites today, just in case some of you haven’t discovered this treasure of the internet yet! The Selby, run by photographer and all around whiz kid Todd … Continue reading

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Ashkan Honarvar

Saw one of the works by this long-time favourite artist of mine on my tumblr dash, and realise I’d never made a post about his work here! Ashkan Honarvar is a mixed media collage artist, which is rare these days! … Continue reading

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Gabriel Dawe

As someone who sews a lot, Gutermann thread is something I am intimately familiar with, but I’ve never seen it used the way that Gabriel Dawe does. His ‘plexus’ seriesĀ  installations are made entirely out of coloured sewing thread strung … Continue reading

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Illustrations by Laphet

I just LOVE the way this woman draws. Her characters are flawlessly beautiful, and eerie because of it. Innocent girls with flowers mix with vampires, princes and other alluring folk in her marvelous gallery.

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Master Class

Vogue UK, September 2011, Photographer: Mario Testino. Styling: Lucinda Chambers.

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Celluloid Couture

Bazaar Singapore, November 2011. Photographer: Gan Model: Inna P. Normally, if you say the words “bright yellow wig” to me, I might throw up a little, but this editorial manages to make it work. With all the blues, it’s pretty … Continue reading

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I’m back on the bridge + illustrations by Takato Yamamoto

Holy Moses, it’s been a while everyone! I’m so sorry for the complete lack of updates in recent months, I suddenly became very busy with uni and then had some issues with my internet connection. But I’m back for 2012, … Continue reading

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Yoshitaka Amano’s Tale of Genji

I’ve been reading The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu again recently, for a class at university. It’s really such a wonderful book! I own the translation by Edward Seidensticker, which has illustrations in the form of woodcuts from a … Continue reading

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Masaaki Sasamoto

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post! It’s exam time…. I really love this artist from Japan! Very romantic and beautiful paintings, with a fairytale whistfulness, the glow of icons, and an (always welcome) touch of Klimt. His … Continue reading

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